Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning division is able to handle all types of contracts – from smaller commercial operations to larger businesses with multiple locations.

NEPA Cleaning Pros is located in NEPA, and provides commercial cleaning and janitorial services for an extremely wide range of buildings, from office buildings and retail locations to industrial plants. We can handle commercial jobs both large and small, from individual offices to jobs such as auto dealerships or franchises which have multiple locations or hundreds of individual units.

We understand how important the condition of your office is to the wider branding of your business. It should reflect the hard work you’ve put into it, and the high standards you promise to deliver to clients and business partners alike. We work with you to tailor a package capable of cleaning your premises to those vitally high standards. We listen to your requirements and when we clean your office, we treat it as if it’s our office

We know that choosing the cleaning company you work with is a pretty big decision in terms of finance, convenience and the reputation of your business. That’s why we don’t simply clean for our clients, we build lasting relationships with them. We realize that you’ve hired us to make life a little bit easier, and to give you one less thing to worry about during the average working day, and we’re more than happy to provide that peace of mind.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the people we employ. Every one of our employees is carefully selected and screened before they start working for us and are sent to clean your facility. We believe in the people we hire and so you can believe in us. As further reassurance we’re also fully insured – simply call our office and we’ll fax over our proof of insurance.

Construction Clean-up Before

Construction Clean-up After

Commercial Kitchen Clean-up

Weekly Maintenance

CleanersHours RateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners1$100.001000
2 Cleaners1.5$135.001500
2 Cleaners2$180.002000
2 Cleaners2.5$225.002500
2 Cleaners3$270.003000

Bi-Weekly Maintenance

CleanersHours RateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners1.5$150.001200
2 Cleaners2$200.001600
2 Cleaners2.5$250.002000
2 Cleaners3$300.002400

Monthly Maintenance

CleanersHours RateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners2$225.001200
2 Cleaners2.5$275.001500
2 Cleaners3$330.001800
2 Cleaners3.5$375.002100
2 Cleaners4$425.002400
3 Cleaners3$450.002700
3 Cleaners4$550.003600

Deep Clean Move in Clean

CleanersHours TotalRateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners24$250.001000
2 Cleaners2.55$300.001250
2 Cleaners36$350.001500
3 Cleaners26$350.001500
2 Cleaners3.57$400.001750
2 Cleaners48$450.002000
3 Cleaners39$500.002250
3 Cleaners412$600.003000

Weekend Deep Clean

CleanersHours TotalRateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners24$325.001000
2 Cleaners2.55$400.001250
2 Cleaners36$450.001500
3 Cleaners26$450.001500
2 Cleaners3.57$500.001750
2 Cleaners48$550.002000
3 Cleaners39$600.002250
3 Cleaners412$750.003000

Construction Deep Clean

CleanersHours TotalRateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners24$350.00600
2 Cleaners2.55$400.00750
2 Cleaners36$475.00900
3 Cleaners26$475.00900
2 Cleaners3.57$550.001050
2 Cleaners48$600.001200
3 Cleaners39$675.001350
3 Cleaners412$800.001800

Extreme Hoarding Deep Clean

CleanersHours TotalRateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners24$400.00400
2 Cleaners2.55$475.00500
2 Cleaners36$550.00600
3 Cleaners26$550.00600
2 Cleaners3.57$600.00700
2 Cleaners48$675.00800
3 Cleaners39$750.00900
3 Cleaners412$950.001200