NEPA Quality Cleaning Services

We take pride in guaranteeing 100% satisfaction for every customer. If any commercial or domestic client is less than content with the job we’ve done, all they have to do is let us know within 24 hours and we’ll return at our own expense and deal with whatever we overlooked or didn’t get right. We don’t often make mistakes but when we do we like to hear about it – that way we can ensure it won’t happen again. We value your feedback as a truly honest appraisal of the job we’re doing. Even our expert cleaners are only human and can sometimes miss a small detail, and we’re constantly using the feedback we get to make our service even better. The same goes for the positive feedback we regularly receive – it’s all part of the process of creating a cleaning service that’s second to none.

Our Cleaning Rates

Weekly Maintenance

CleanersHours RateSq. Footage
2 Cleaners1$100.001000
2 Cleaners1.5$135.001500
2 Cleaners2$180.002000
2 Cleaners2.5$225.002500
2 Cleaners3$270.003000

Deep Clean

Size of houseCleaners Hours TotalPrice
Up to 1,600sq. feet2 Cleaners36$325
Up to 1,600sq. feet3 Cleaners26$325
Up to 2,400sq. feet2 Cleaners48$425
Up to 3,200sq. feet3 Cleaners39$475
Up to 3,600sq. feet
3 Cleaners412$650

One Time/Monthly Maintenance Cleaning Rates

Size of houseCleaners Hours TotalPrice
Up to 1,600sq. feet2 Cleaners24$200
Up to 2,400sq. feet2 Cleaners36$300
Up to 2,400sq. feet3 Cleaners26$300
Up to 3,200sq. feet2 Cleaners48$400
Up to 3,600sq. feet
3 Cleaners39$450